My seeds aren't sprouting. Am I doing something wrong?

In short, most likely not. It is not uncommon for some seeds to fail especially because the germination rate for seeds varies on factors such as seed depth, soil pH, temperature, soil moisture, and age of seeds. If some seeds don't germinate right away, don't worry! Just plant some more seeds according to the instructions and make sure to keep the soil moist and make sure the temperature is warm to promote healthy germination. 

How long should I keep the lights on in my grow home?

Most plants need 6-8 hours of full sun per day. However, the sun is more powerful than the lights in your grow home, so you will need to keep your grow lights on for 14-18 hours per day. The longer the lights are on, the longer your plant will grow for that day, but it is important to remember that plants need rest too! Never keep your lights on for 24 hours as this will stress out your plants and limit growth. 

How often should I fertilize my plants?

Once your seedlings have their first true set of leaves you should fertilize them once a month with the proper maintenance fertilizer. Follow the instructions on the packaging to figure out how much fertilizer to apply. For existing plants, follow the same steps as above. For starter fertilizers, add the appropriate amount of fertilizer once to the desired soil, then use maintenance fertilizers every month after following the sprouting of seedlings. 

Houseplant Fertilizer Herb Maintenance Fertilizer Garden Maintenance Fertilizer
Houseplant fertilizer instructions Herb maintenance fertilizer instructions Garden Maintenance fertilizer instructions
Garden Starter Fertilizer Herb Starter Fertilizer
 Garden Starter Fertilizer Instructions Herb Starter Fertilizer instructions

Can I use my grow home for houseplants? 

Of course! Some of our customers have sprouted gorgeous flowers with the grow home and others put houseplants and succulents in there. Just make sure to adjust the number of hours of light as flowering plants need more hours of light than non-flowering plants. Feel free to get even more creative with the grow home and send us pictures of how you use it! 

How often should I water my plants? 

Not every plant requires the same amount of water. Succulents do not need as much water as some other common houseplants. A good rule of thumb is to water a plant when the soil on the surface is dry to the touch. The bigger the plant, the more often you have to water, and the smaller the plant, the less often  you have to water. It's also important that your pots have paper drainage, so if you overwater your plant, the roots will still be able to breathe. Check out our blog post on bottom watering for more helpful tips! 

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