• The Gifts That Keep on Giving

    As the holiday season progresses, you may be struggling to find gifts for all your family and friends. Luckily, we have made a list of gifts that e...
  • Dinner Thyme

    Thanksgiving is near! Looking for some recipes to blow your friends and family away? SteadyState is here for you! We have complied a list of amazin...
  • The Best Plants for Your Indoor Garden

    Growing houseplants doesn’t have to be hard! Pick up a few of these low-maintenance options and start your plant collection today!
  • Having Houseplants Helps

    Houseplants are more than just décor; keeping them in your home will positively impact your life in a number of ways. They’re well known to have many benefits, from improving air quality to improving your health.  
  • Plants, Problems, & Prognoses

    Watching your houseplants suffer can be extremely frustrating, especially after spending so much time and money taking care of them. However, many of the issues facing your plants are super manageable! We decided to make an outline of common houseplant problems and how to fix them so that you and your plants can continue to thrive.
  • Nutrient Deficiencies: How to Spot Them

    Many people assume when their plants wilt or shrivel up that the problem comes from an issue with light, pests, or the amount of water they are receiving. While these causes may be the case in some situations, many times the issues are actually caused by nutrient deficiencies.
  • Upcycled Pots

    Looking to save some money while decorating your house? Stop buying new pots! Instead, look around your house for these common objects that you can refurbish and use to hold your plants. 
  • Our Purpose

    Today, the world is suffering from unprecedented levels of water pollution. Run off from farms and other waste is wreaking havoc on our lakes, rivers, oceans, and ponds to the point of creating completely dead zones, and every we summer we see it get worse. This is our motivation at NRU; through nutrient upcycling and sustainable nutrient management, we promote the long-term benefit of communities and the environment.
  • Propagation: Let's Cut to the Chase

    Propagation is a technique used to grow new plants out of older, healthier ones. As the seasons change, you may want to take cuttings from some of ...
  • The Dorm Room Dilemma

    Because everyone deserves a little greenery in their home - no matter the size of it.
  • Repurpose our Packaging

    Expand the lifespan of our glass jars, paper tubes, and kraft wadding by trying out some of these ideas for repurposing!
  • Performing a transPLANT

    The transition from summer to fall brings a lot of new beginnings: a new school year, the start of sweater season, the leaves start changing. But it also means your outdoor plants will start struggling to keep up with the temperature drops.