About Us

Nutrients are essential to life on Earth

...but they sometimes end up in places they don't belong.

When nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus are mismanaged, our lakes and rivers often suffer the consequences. Eutrophication caused by excess nutrient concentrations can cause dead zones and the killing of aquatic life. Not only does this mismanagement have negative environment implications, it also means valuable nutrients are exiting the supply chain, causing our global food systems to rely more and more on mineral mining and nutrient production by other resource-intensive processes.


A steady state condition can be thought of as a balance between inputs and outputs. When a system is in steady state, all parts are working together to keep it stable over time.

We envision a steady state for nutrients, one in which the nutrients we use are not wasted after use but, instead, recycled and reused again and again. 

When fertilizer is applied in excess, not only are there profit losses and damage to plants, but our soil and water resources are compromised as well. We produce innovative fertilizer blends that provide the optimal amount of nutrients to plants, reducing the potential for over-fertilization. 

This Steady State vision is both aspirational and inspirational to us.

Using it as our brand serves as a reminder that although there is a lot of work to be done, we will always have room for creativity, innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of a more sustainable nutrient economy.

Steady State is a brand of Nutrient Recovery and Upcycling, LLC.

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