Wholesale Heatstar HSP-300ID Pro Series 285,000 BTU/hr Heater

Wholesale Heatstar HSP-300ID Pro Series 285,000 BTU/hr Heater

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Heatstar PRO-SERIES 285,000 BTU/HR Indirect Fired Heater. The HSP300ID is an ideal heating solution when paired with 50' of 16" duct and a remote thermostat. This indirect fired heater is an ideal solution for delivering even heat to both event tents and construction sites with clean fresh heated air. You can place the heater outside the space and duct the warm air in or for a fuel savings you can place the heater in the space to be heated and vent the exhaust out.

Heat exchanger keeps exhaust gas and heated air separate
27.7 gallon tank capacity
Powerful fans ensure high static pressure
Long life stainless steel combustion chamber
Electronic flame control
Water resistant flame control box
Automatic safety and control devices
Optional thermostat available for constant temperature control
Durable powder coated finish
Heavy duty duct adapter included
UL Certified

I am including several attachments that don´t come with a new unit. The silver box in front is a 3 way splitter to go to 8 inch ducts. Along with the three way splitter I am including three 8"x 6' sections plus 6 of the 8" elbows. There is also an exhaust chimney.

it has some rust in lower frame tube that contacts the ground and some scratches from normal use but otherwise in excellent condition. It is a very reliable and useful machine.

Used for about 1000 hrs between September 2018 and November 2020. It was in storage from May 2019 to November 2020. It ran perfectly in November 2020 after over a year of storage (used for ~48 hours that time).