Upcycled Pots

Looking to save some money while decorating your house? Stop buying new pots! Instead, look around your house for these objects that you can refurbish and use to hold your plants. 

Tin cans 

Looking for something small? Save the can from your next soup, fruit, or vegetable to use a rustic pot. Paint it to match your aesthetic or keep it as it is. Clean out the can when you’re done using it, drill/stab 3 or 4 holes at the bottom, and fill it with potting mix. 

Broken mugs 

We’re all human, we’ve all dropped a mug or two. Instead of discarding your ruined mug, glue the big pieces together and create a perfect pot for herbs or succulents. Now you can keep your favorite coffee cups and make them even more beautiful by filling them with plants!  

Wire wastebasket 

Have an extra wire waste basket lying around? Try lining it with peat moss, adding potting mix, and topping it off with the plant of your choice! This is a perfect option for taller outdoor plants. 

Old boots 

For a more vintage feel, find an old boot around your house. You can spruce it up if you feel like it, but simply add your potting mix and plants for a super cute upcycled pot! This option is perfect for outdoor décor and a great way to reuse those previously ugly, old boots. 

Empty jars 

Everyone has some old jars sitting around from jams, sauces, yogurt, maybe even SteadyState fertilizer? Instead of creating a collection of jars in a cabinet somewhere, fill them with potting mix and use them to hold small succulents!  

Hollow Log 

If you are aiming for a more earthy feel, take a walk through the woods and find an old log. If you can split it in half and hollow out the inside, an old log makes for a perfect outdoor planter! 

Disco ball 

Now this option might be a bit niche, but did you ever buy a disco ball for décor, and the mirrors have since fallen off? Don’t get of rid of it quite yet. Split your old disco ball in half to make two new, super trendy pots for plants! Not only will you be giving a new purpose to an old decoration, but you’ll be getting two free pots while other people are paying money for the same ones! 

Coffee can 

Looking for a bigger pot to hold your plants? Do you also maybe have a caffeine addiction? Save those extra cans, drill a few holes in the bottom, add some potting mix, and BAM! Now you have a pot big enough to hold multiple plants or maybe just one big one! Keep the cans as they came or spruce them up with a bit of paint! 


During the upcycling process, try your best to make drainage holes in the bottoms of your repurposed containers. If you can’t, be sure to stay extra cautious while watering your plants so that you don’t give them too much.  


Let us know what materials you repurpose into pots! Tag us, DM us or email us at office@newsteadystate.com with your pictures, questions, or feedback!