The Best Plants for Your Indoor Garden

Growing plants indoors is not always an easy task, but picking the appropriate plants can help simplify the process. To help you make the right choice, check out these ideal candidates for your low-maintenance, indoor garden.  

Snake Plant 

Snake plants are extremely popular, and it’s obvious why. Snake plants are very low-maintenance; they can grow in pretty much any lighting and only need occasional watering.  


This plant comes in two different varieties: vining and non-climbing. If you choose a vining philodendron, simply add a post into the soil so that the plant has something to climb. Either way, the philodendron is another easy plant to take care of. It is very adaptive and can thrive in low-light rooms. 

English Ivy  

English ivy, or Hedera helix, is a classic when it comes to houseplants. All this plant requires is evenly moist soil and a cooler temperature. English ivy looks great in hanging pots or on shelves due to its draping leaves. 

Spider Plant 

Spider plants are truly some of the easiest plants to grow in your home. Whether you keep your spider plant in a normal pot or a hanging one, all this plant needs is medium light and some moisture in its soil to thrive.  


It is not a secret that pothos are some of the simplest plants to take care of. This plant can thrive in almost all conditions: moist soil, dry soil, high lighting, low lighting, etc. The only work you need to do to keep this plant alive is avoid over-watering! Besides that, pothos are a great, low-maintenance addition to your plant collection.  

Aloe Vera 

Aloe vera is widely popular for its healing properties. It is also extremely easy to maintain! To successfully grow your aloe plant, simply put your plant by a window where it will receive plenty of light and water 1x every 2-3 week. Aloe vera is so easy to care for that only thing you need to worry about is forgetting you have it!  

Chinese Evergreen 

The Chinese evergreen is a great option for those who live in apartments or spaces without ample lighting. All this plant needs is moist soil and low-medium light.  


Jade can grow in almost any condition. Even with poor soil, not enough water, or incorrect lighting, jade can continue to thrive! However, for ideal growth, try to keep your jade in well-lit areas and fairly dry soil. 

Rubber Plant 

The rubber plant is a great option for a big, low-maintenance house plant. It can grow over 5ft tall if you allow it! Rubber plants do best with infrequent watering and medium-high light. If you notice your rubber plant is growing out of its pot, simply transfer it to a bigger one and watch it grow.