Repurpose our Packaging

Sustainability is important to us. In addition to providing upcycled nutrients in our fertilizers, we also pride ourselves in offering packaging that's  biodegradable and/or recyclable AND readily reusable. Check out these ideas for alternative uses and ways to repurpose our packaging: 

For watering 

Our glass jars work great for watering your houseplants. Keep them around the house on display as convenient and cute watering jars. 

For storage 

Try using your jars for storage. While the cork lids we use may not offer the most water-tight seal, with or without the cork they work great for storing all sorts of tools and goodies.  

Fill your extra jars with Q-tips, toothpicks, hair ties, nails, screws, bobby pins, spare change, buttons, makeup brushes, or paint brushes to stay organized. Clean them well with soap and use them to store bulk spices, nuts, or dried herbs.  

As decoration 

Tap into your inner interior designer and turn your extra jars into works of art! Tie a ribbon around the jar to make a vase, add battery operated string lights to create a bedside lamp, paint designs on the exterior and use as a candle holder, fill them with shells and stones collected during special trips, and let your creativity run wild.  

Create new plants 

Our glass jars work great for propagation. Take cuttings of your favorite healthy houseplants just below the nodes, fill one of our jars with clean water, place the cuttings in and watch as new roots form. And when you're ready to start your garden in spring, try using our paper tubes and the lids that come with them as seed starters.  

Transfer materials 

Both the base and the lid of our kraft paper tubes work great as a soil scoop when working in the garden or repotting plants. Once cleaned out, take them foraging to collect mushrooms and berries, or use them in the garden when harvesting tomatoes, peas, beans, or peppers! 

As gift wrap and filler 

Our grow kits come with a lot of protective packaging. Luckily for you, it’s plain kraft paper, so it is very easy to reuse as your own gift wrapping. Use the paper to either wrap individual presents or stuff gift bags.  

As a firestarter  

For those of you who enjoy curling up by a fire, save your packaging for fire supplies! The paper wrapping that comes in our boxes makes for a perfect fire starter. Just crumple it up and throw it into your bonfire or fireplace to get a nice, clean-burning fire going. 

Return the jars to us! 

If you have no interest in repurposing your extra jars, we still have a solution for you. Simply return your jars by mail or in person! We are glad to take your empty jars back and reuse them or refill them for you if you need more fertilizer. Send us an email or a reach us through social media, and we will work with you to figure out a solution.