Having Houseplants Helps


Houseplants are more than just décor; keeping them in your home will positively impact your life in a number of ways. They’re well known to have many benefits, from improving air quality to improving your health.  

Cleaner air 

Keeping plants in your home improves the air quality. Through photosynthesis, plants recycle carbon dioxide and release more oxygen, making it easier for us to breathe. Additionally, plants can rid the air of several pollutants and even mold. For example, houseplants have been known to decrease levels of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and benzene, which can be common in homes due to certain building tools. Plants can also help regulate humidity levels by emitting up to 97% of the moisture they take in. This can be extremely beneficial during the colder and dryer months.  

Good for physical health 

Keeping plants in your home can seriously help improve your health. Certain plants, like Aloe Vera, have healing properties when applied topically. Ever find yourself surrounded by plant life and just feel your body tension lower, your stress fade a bit, your spirits heighten? Having plants in your living space can actually provide physiological benefits: lowering your heart rate and blood pressuring, helping you recover from illness faster, and even reducing pain. 

Good for mental health  

Houseplants are also known to help boost mental health. Having plants around has proved to generate happiness. Additionally, the act of tending to plants reduces stress, and helps with depression, anxiety, and dementia.  

Increased productivity  

Keeping your focus can be hard, especially if you’re working at home. Our suggestion? Add some more plants to your work environment. The presence of plants has proved to increase productivity, focus, and memory retention. So, if you’re struggling to get work done, spruce up your space with a couple of house plants.